Activate Your Best Self

The Burick Center for Health and Wellness in Mechanicsburg, PA specializes in dramatic cellular interventions to improve your life and well being.  Our primary goal is to stop accelerated aging at the cellular level.  We incorporate powerful protocols and proven therapies that are backed by peer reviewed, scientific studies and extensive research.

OUR NEXT LEVEL APPROACH to health and wellness is a commitment to the latest proven therapies that provide the most cutting edge, safe and efficacious clinical outcomes.  Our synergistic and harmonious protocols help reinvigorate and rejuvenate to achieve the best opportunity for optimal renewal and greater self realized.

Optimize Your Health

Our specialized providers are certified and dedicated to finding the best treatment or combination of treatments to keep you hydrated, ageless, healthy, and feeling like your best self. Check out the impactful therapies we have to offer. Individuals must be 18 or older to receive any impactful therapies.

Social Responsibility

Our health and wellness center’s legacy is intersecting medical excellence and social responsibility interchangeably. We feel passionate that everyone, if they choose, should have access to the highest quality medical standards to defend their personal health, while simultaneously being afforded the opportunity to make a positive direct impact on their life.

Latest News

The Burick Center is committed to providing the highest quality of testing and diagnostics while proactively delivering the highest level of “root cause” integrative therapies and premier medical expertise, with all our hope and care.

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