Our Cutting Edge Peptide Therapies

Peptide therapy is a next-level breakthrough treatment that’s rooted in the principles of medical science, transforming your health on a molecular level for incredibly impressive results. We pride ourselves in customization of treatments, rather than a one size fits all approach to weight loss, anti-aging, or any other challenges. The Burick Center can use peptide therapy to dial in on the exact factors standing between you and your best self.

Optimize Your Health

Our specialized providers are certified and dedicated to finding the best treatment or combination of treatments to keep you hydrated, ageless, healthy, and feeling like your best self. Check out the variety of services we now have to offer, including IV Infusion Therapy, Pressotherapy, Ozone Therapy, Medical Massage and more. Individuals must be 18 or older to receive any impactful therapies.

Latest News

The Burick Center is committed to providing the highest quality of testing and diagnostics while proactively delivering the highest level of “root cause” integrative therapies and premier medical expertise, with all our hope and care.

The Ketamine Institute

Our Ketamine Institute provides you and your loved one’s with the highest medical standards while delivering a customized and needs-based technique. Our Ketamine treatments can offer immediate relief from emotional pain and hopelessness.

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