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How Acupuncture Therapy Helps With Common Eye Conditions

Your eyes are the window to your soul and are a reflection of your overall health! Several ailments such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes can be diagnosed via the eyes. Other conditions such as optic neuritis, vision loss, and glaucoma are often associated with systemic health conditions. This correlation between your health and your eyes that acupuncturists tap into to treat vision and eye issues.

Acupuncture to Help Brighten Your Eyes

Acupuncture is often used as an alternative treatment for eye health issues. Several patients reap the benefits of acupuncture that lead to better eye health. Studies indicate that acupuncture can treat eye conditions such as dry eye syndrome and brighten up your eyes and make you look several years younger in just a few sessions.

Acupuncture essentially is a procedure that entails the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at certain specific points on your body. While scientists still debate over the efficacy of acupuncture and how it works, this traditional form of Chinese medicine has been shown to provide instant pain relief aside from alleviating nausea and aiding in treating cancer and various other ailments.

Acupuncture for Other Eye Problems

According to acupuncturists, an imbalance in the body can appear in the form of an eye condition or disease. This can make your eyes look lifeless and dull. When you undergo acupuncture, any imbalance in the energy flow that could be causing these symptoms is addressed. Eye acupuncture, in specific, focuses on promoting the circulation of Qi – the life force, around both eyes.

The 4th Gate

The theory behind acupuncturing the 4th Gate is that it induces the release of acupuncture points in the eye area, allowing the Qi to flow. This can help relieve blurred vision, headaches, and dry eyes. Your eyes will also appear to be brighter and more alert. Acupuncturists believe that the eye is connected to other organs. The eyes are connected to the liver and gallbladder, which also play a part in the vision.

In eastern medicine, many conditions are blamed on blockages, poor flow of Qi, or imbalances in the body, which affect the eyes first. The eyes and the rest of the body are interconnected in this practice, and when you have the flow of energy restored, the eyes become brighter, and the person feels better.

Some studies have been conducted to show the effects of acupuncture for dry eye. Patients tend to see an improvement in their eyesight and a reduction of dryness or itching in the eyes.

Acupuncture for dry eye is a relatively inexpensive procedure compared to surgeries or other medical procedures and has been proven to be quite effective. While western medicine does not yet recognize acupuncture for eye conditions such as dry eye, more and more patients seek dry eye-acupuncture as an alternative treatment. Acupuncturists also recommend acupuncture for eye lift and glaucoma.

Schedule Acupuncture in Mechanicsburg, PA

Acupuncture for dry eye, eye lift, and other eye ailments can help you improve your eyesight and make your eyes appear younger without any surgery or other invasive procedures.

The Burick Center for Health and Wellness specializes in dramatic biological interventions to improve your life and well-being. Our center offers acupuncture in Mechanicsburg, PA, to augment treatment for various issues. Please speak with our experts about your customized health & wellness journey!

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