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All Things Ozone at Burick Center

Christy Jensik, RN and Wellness Coordinator at the Burick Center for Health and Wellness, “Loves all things Ozone”.  Christy respects the efficacy of ozone as well as it’s multi-purpose properties.

She loves how ozone therapy improves your body’s intake and use of oxygen and activates your immune system.

Christy, trained and received her training and certification under the foremost Ozone Expert in the United States, Frank Shallenberger, MD. Dr. Shallenberger, who is affiliated with The American Academy of Ozonotherapy, has published several clinical studies in peer reviewed journals.

Christy and her team of caring and compassionate nurses at The Burick Center, feel gratified and passionate about providing their highly specialized ozone infusion therapy, in a comfortable, relaxed, and private environment.

Ozone is a powerful oxidant therapy that alters your body at a biological level and increases the body’s ability to utilize oxygen.  Ozone is anti-microbial, which works against bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and even viruses.

Christy, “witnesses and hears from clients and patients everyday how Ozone therapy positively improves their various conditions such as Lymes disease, auto-immune disorders, fungi and mold exposure as well as delivering an immediate benefit for strengthening immunity, improving impaired circulation and over all well-being.”

At The Burick Center we have multiple athletes that receive ozone therapy to increase their athletic ability as well as recovery.  We have treated weightlifting professionals, 7 summit hikers as well as marathon and Iron man competitors.

Christy summarizes by sharing how “Ozone has such a positive and direct impact on our lives and can offer the immediate and profound results that we all need and deserve.”

At the Burick Center, we’re invested in the latest technology, skills, education, and experience to help our clients and patients incorporate our impactful therapies, like Ozone Therapy, with the rest of their emotional, physical care and overall plan for achieving optimal health and well-being.

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