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Performance Medicine in Mechanicsburg, PA

Announcing Performance Medicine at the Burick Center

We’re excited to announce our NEW Performance Medicine enhancement circuit! At the Burick Center, Performance Medicine is an integrative approach that keeps the whole person in mind!

Our convenient and simple process is as easy as selecting your therapy, scheduling a time, and starting right away. Our exclusive and premier integrative enhancements deliver a direct impact that focuses around improving strength, endurance as well as promoting optimal recovery.

Activate Your Best Self with Performance Medicine

This integrative enhancement circuit is composed of 6 protocols that are focused around improving strength, speed, and energy as well as promoting optimal recovery to help you perform your best during your chosen sport.

Feel Better with Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is shown to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, re-energize tissue repair, boost immune functioning and promote healing.

Build Better with Peptides

Customized to take your fitness and health goals to the next level. Our Peptides help Build muscle, boost weight and fat loss and help with recovery.

Recover Better with Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy gently purifies and activates the lymphatic system and it is 10X more effective than a traditional lymphatic drainage massage.

Heal Better with Prolozone Injections

Prolozone injections are proven highly effective in helping individuals with arthritis, specifically rheumatoid and osteoarthritis to find lasting relief from chronic pain.

Perform Better with IV Infusions

IV infusions promote optimal health and wellness by boosting immunity, increasing energy, improving athleticism.

Function Better with Supplements

We carry over 400 athletic and recovery nutritional and molecular compounds at reduced rates.

Is Performance Medicine Right for You?

Our performance medicine protocols are designed to compliment and enhance your goals whether you’re an:

  • Athlete
  • Trainer
  • Fitness Center
  • PT-OT Clinic
  • Yoga Studio

Our dedicated professional staff of nurses and doctors will be happy to describe the particulars of are therapies, address any questions or concerns you have and help you decide which performance medicine therapy is best for you.

Schedule a free phone consultation today with one of our nurses! Contact us at 717.730.9000 to learn more about whether Performance Medicine is the right choice for you. We will ask you some basic questions which will help us determine if our protocols are beneficial to your athletic improvement.

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