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Eat small to be small

And by now you must have heard that smaller plates lead to smaller portions. Have you ever wondered if it is true? Well, a group of Belgian researchers conducted a small study recently where they offered college students M&M candies. Each of the students watched a 22 minute television show and were given a bowl of M&Ms. The first group was given 7 ounces of candy in a one-cup bowl.

The second group was given the same 7 ounces of candy in a larger three-cup bowl. Finally the third group was given a three-cup bowl of candy filled with 21 ounces of candy. The results? Well, the students ate twice as much candy from the large bowls (2 ounces more for about 300 extra calories) that they did from the small bowl.

So, what to do? Consider using or even buying smaller dishes. Your health and waistline may be worth the investment. Also, repackage food from larger containers with multiple servings into single portions. And when dining out, cut your dinner in half as soon as it arrives at the table and have your server wrap it to go. Not only do you save the calories, but you also get a second meal for later.

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