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Get a Closer look at the Burick Center’s Complete Health Assessment

Have you been interested in scheduling a Total Health Assessment at the Burick Center, but wanted to know what the process really looked like? Check out a closer look at what a full Total Health Assessment day looks like.

Take the Guess Work Out of Your Overall Wellness

Our Total Health Assessment is designed to serve people who are seeking exceptional personalized attention and care that fits conveniently into their demanding schedules. Our individually customizable assessment is coordinated by a board-certified internal medicine physician and is completed over the course of one day. It is designed to thoroughly evaluate a client’s current state of health, identify concerns and provide solutions for a healthier you. We invite you to experience a comprehensive medical assessment which can be your first step to making your health and wellness a life-long priority.

How Long is a Total Health Assessment?

These are all day affairs. A Total Health Assessment at the Burick Center starts around 7:30am. The fasting labs and testing are completed first and then our patients will go through the physical and consults. The Metabolic Code labs are done a few weeks before their appointment so that the labs are back in time for the visit. Below is a sample day:

7:15am – Arrive at the Burick Center 
7:30am – CT Calcium Score & Lung Cancer Screening
9:00am – US of Abdomen
9:30am – Arterial Dopplers
10:00am – Carotid Dopplers
10:30am – Arrive back at Burick Center – Light Breakfast
11:00am – Nurse Studies/Physical with Dr. Burick
12:30pm – Stress Test
1:00pm – Consult with Dr. Lee Morand (Psychologist) – Light Lunch
2:00pm – Consult with Nutritionist
3:00pm – Recommendations Mtg with Dr. Burick
4:00pm – Assessment Completed – Receive Complementary Gift


How to Get Started?

Once you call our center, a full day will be exclusively reserved for you. A member of our concierge team will work closely with you to schedule your appointment. Additionally, we will be providing you all the details of your day as well as providing further insight to ensure the most comprehensive and personalized ways to optimize your health.

Total Health Assessment – $3,200.00

Schedule a Free Consultation Today! Contact us at 717.730.9000 to learn more about this comprehensive assessment or explore more here.

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