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High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

Your body does not make vitamin C, so supplementation is important. Ingesting over a gram of vitamin C orally can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, and larger amounts are impossible through the diet. However, large amounts of vitamin C can be infused intravenously, and the effects are remarkable.

Extensive medical research supports the use of high dose vitamin C to boost immune function and response, fight viruses and bacterial infections, eliminate toxins and oxidation, improve healing times and collagen production, increase energy, and improve quality of life for cancer patients during chemo and radiation. The list of high dose vitamin C benefits goes on and on.

Our vitamin C is sourced from FDA regulated 503b pharmacies, free of preservatives, and buffered for optimal absorption and tolerance.

Member Pricing:

25 grams – $175
50 grams – $200
75 grams – $250


25 grams – $200
50 grams – $220
75 grams – $280

Please call the Burick Center at 717-730-9000 to schedule or for any questions, ask for our Wellness Coordinator, Christy Jensik, RN. Individuals must be 18 or older to receive any impactful therapies.

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Skip the digestive tract to receive the powerful benefits of high doses of Vitamin C, which naturally supports collagen production, reduces inflammation, improves healing times, and improves quality of life while undergoing cancer and autoimmune disease treatments.

Benefits of High Dose Vitamin C Therapy

  • Surgery Recovery
  • Cancer Support
  • Collagen Production
  • Skin Health
  • Faster Recovery
  • Promotes Longevity
  • Overall Wellness


Vitamin C
Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, is an important naturally occuring vitamin and antioxidant. While one can benefit from eating fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C, absorption from the diet is restricted by the gut to 1000-2000 mg per day. When dosed intravenously, however, Vitamin C can be supplemented in doses as high as 100 grams for some. Higher doses of Vitamin C have shown to improve immune function, reduce systemic inflammation, boost skin health, promote collagen production, boost overall wellness, and can act as a preventative for chronic conditions.

Magnesium Chloride
Added to Vitamin C infusions to help optimize absorption and reduce common side effects during high dose Vitamin C infusions, which can include burning at the injection site.

Normal Saline
Vitamins and other nutrients are mixed in IV bags containing 0.9% Normal Saline to help optimize absorption and provide additional electrolytes to the bloodstream. The saline solution is sterile and matches the natural optimal saline levels of the blood. Saline can help maintain normal blood pressure and is essential for nerve and muscle function.

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