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Like most concierge medical practices, Burick Center for Health & Wellness does not participate in or accept any health insurance plans. For commercially insured patients, a receipt for visits (which are covered under the annual membership fee) will be generated and can be submitted by the patient to their individual plan for reimbursement.

The Center has opted out of Medicare. All Medicare patients will sign an agreement in conjunction with their annual membership fee that acknowledges the physicians’  non‐participating status and receipts cannot be submitted by these patients to Medicare for reimbursement.

Any study, test, referral or medical care performed or received outside of the Burick Center is covered as it would normally be under the insured patient’s plan.

We encourage patients to check with their employer and insurance plan regarding FSA or HSA benefits as some plans permit payment of the membership fees through these plans.

We are happy to provide additional information or explanation at any time.

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