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Chelation Therapy near Mechanicsburg, PA

Introducing Chelation Therapy at the Burick Center

We are happy to introduce our innovative chelation therapy in Mechanicsburg, PA to continue helping improve the health of Central PA.

What is Chelation Therapy?

Chelation therapy is a treatment that has historically been used for metal poisoning and exposure, but it is now an alternative functional and integrative protocol option for other conditions. It’s based on the process of chelation, in which medications are used to remove heavy metals and other substances from the body.

Who is a good EDTA Chelation Candidate?

  • Cardiovascular patients
  • Patients born before 1980 (lead burden)
  • Smokers-must stop smoking during treatment
  • Renal patients & Diabetics
  • Chronic disease patients
  • Cobalt Hip Recipients
  • Patients with PVD
  • Patients with known heavy metal burden

Learn more about the power of and process behind chelation therapy. 

How to Get Started with Chelation Therapy near Mechanicsburg, PA

Chelation therapy often involves a course of treatment a few times a week over several months. For Non-Members, Please contact our office to schedule your one hour consultation.

Single Treatment – $150
Package of 10 Treatments – $1,350

Single Treatment – $165
Package of 10 Treatments – $1,485

Initial One-Time Consultation for All Non-Members – $250

Contact us today at 717.730.9000 to learn more about whether our Chelation Therapy in Mechanicsburg, PA is the right choice for you. We will ask you some basic questions which will help us determine if our protocols are beneficial to your well-being. 

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