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Meet the Care Team

Who We Are

We’re inclusive. We prioritize making all patients and clients from all walks of life welcome.

We’re inspired. We believe we can each make a positive impact in society.

We’re passionate. All of us are filled with the resolution and willingness to go the extra mile and give our full selves to each patient and the center’s future.

We’re collaborative. Our second nature is being highly adaptive, frequently reassessing and redirecting our course of care and service to adapt to each patients needs through problem solving and seeing limitless opportunities.

We’re daring. We are unafraid to face challenges through our informal, passionate and engaging ways of working hard and thinking limitlessly.

  • Theresa Burick, DO, FACP
  • Julianne Rich, MD
  • Michael Siciliano, M.D., D.C.
  • Adam Burick, IV DO, FACS
  • Tracy
    Office Manager
  • Laurel
    Manager, IV Infusion
  • Tiffany
    Registered Nurse, IV Infusion
  • Liz
    Registered Nurse, IV Infusion
  • Ashley
    Registered Nurse
  • Steph
    Registered Nurse
  • Christy
    Registered Nurse, Wellness Coordinator
  • Alexandra
    Registered Nurse
  • Marissa
    Registered Nurse
  • Rena
    Patient Coordinator
  • Anne
    Patient Coordinator
  • Rebecca
    Medical Assistant
  • Callie
    Advanced Testing & Diagnostics Coordinator
  • Brielle
    Medical Assistant
  • Veronica
    Records Coordinator
  • Gwen
    Administrative Consultant
  • Heather
    Medical Massage Therapist
  • Peter
    Doctor of Medicine, Acupuncturist
  • Lee
    Doctor of Psychology
  • Felicia
  • Jami
  • Coral
    Chief K9 Officer

Social Responsibility

Our health and wellness center’s legacy is intersecting medical excellence and social responsibility interchangeably. We feel passionate that everyone, if they choose, should have access to the highest quality medical standards to defend their personal health, while simultaneously being afforded the opportunity to make a positive direct impact on their life.

Optimize Your Health

Our specialized providers are certified and dedicated to finding the best treatment or combination of treatments to keep you hydrated, ageless, healthy, and feeling like your best self.

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