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Burick Center for Health and Wellness is Now Offering PrecivityADTM

The Burick Center is pleased to celebrate advancements in Alzheimer’s diagnostics. Please contact your Doctor at the Burick Center to learn more and to see if the test is right for you.

The Burick Center believes that by offering this revolutionary test to the residents of central Pennsylvania, we will be able to provide proactive and diagnostic clarity and education.  The Burick Center is committed to providing the highest quality of testing and diagnostics while proactively delivering the highest level of “root cause” integrative therapies and premier medical expertise, with all our hope and care.

Individuals with concerns about their memory or thinking abilities can now talk to their health care provider about a blood test that may help them understand their condition and what they can proactively do.

A breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease has arrived with the C2N Diagnostics (C2N) PrecivityADTM blood test.

Now through the launch of the C2N PrecivityADTM test, health care providers can prescribe a blood test that is precise, easy to administer, and can help detect if certain markers for Alzheimer’s disease, a neurological disease that can cause a decline in memory and thinking, are present in the brain.*

Researchers have found the PrecivityADTM test results to be an effective indicator of Alzheimer’s disease pathology among people with early memory changes.** The test is simple to administer, does not involve any radiation, and is non-invasive. These features make it more accessible than other diagnostic methods that health care providers use to evaluate cognitive impairment.

Knowing that your symptoms are due to Alzheimer’s can help inform your doctor to prescribe specific Alzheimer’s treatments in order to aid in the management of the disease. If your symptoms are not due to Alzheimer’s (e.g. a normal test result), your health care provider can search for other causes, some of which can be treated with different interventions. You also may be eligible to enroll in clinical trials as a result of the PrecivityADTM test results.

The PrecivityADTM test is new and is not currently covered by private insurance payers, Medicare or Medicaid. Patients are responsible for paying out-of-pocket for the test. A financial assistance program is available for those patients that medically and financially qualify. In addition, a six-month, interest-free payment plan is also available to help pay for the test.

You can learn more at: www.PrecivityAD.com or by calling the center at 717-730-9000.  

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