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Burick Center in Mechanicsburg: Pioneering Personalized Peptide Solutions

Why Choose the Burick Center Peptides

Peptide therapy is a next-level breakthrough treatment that’s rooted in the principles of medical science, transforming your health on a molecular level for incredibly impressive results. Whether you’re fighting a chronic disease, or you simply want to restore your body to its more youthful energy and appearance, The Burick Center for Health and Wellness offers safe and effective treatments using renowned Integrative approach to medicine and anti-aging.

We work with FDA registered and accredited compounding pharmacies. Our pharmacies utilize the most advanced instrumentation, including in-house sterility and endotoxin testing, which provides high quality, customized, sterile compounds. Patient safety is our priority and our commitment to the quality of services we provide.

Let’s Start the Conversation

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Peptide Therapy ranges between $200 to $600 per month depending on the peptide or combination of peptides selected for your protocol. A one-time $250 consultation is required to get started

The Power of the Peptide
Peptides have the capability to utilize body chemistry relationships to promote restoration, anabolism, and homeostasis. Peptides can act as messengers that relay information or transport materials throughout our bodies.

Some of the Benefits You May Experience Through the Use of Peptide Therapy

  • Better workouts and recovery
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Body fat reduction/weight loss
  • Improved energy, strength, and stamina
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved libido
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved digestive function
  • Improved mental clarity

The Burick Center Difference

You’ll receive proven, cost effective peptide treatments tailored to fit your specific health and wellness goals.

Specific health needs and desired health outcomes is the driving force behind all our care decisions and quality measures.

Patient Safety
When it comes to your safety, experience matters.  Peptide therapies should always be safely utilized in a clinical practice with the proper medical training and the latest knowledge surrounding continued monitoring regulatory protocols.

Continued Monitoring
Our continuous and effective monitoring of your peptide protocol treatments ensures a more decisive impact on reducing risks, achieving goals and improving outcomes.

A4M Certfied
Our certification through the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine provides our staff access to world class clinicians and researchers.  Our advanced education and training through A4M provides us further knowledge in the emerging field of peptides into our clinical practice.

Members of International Peptide Society
The largest most trusted network of practitioners in the field of peptide therapeutics.

Our peptides are sourced from compound pharmacies with a proven track record of excellence and compliance within the sterile regulatory environment, third party inspected and operating safely within the law.

What Our Process Looks Like


Call us today to get started and complete your Medical Intake Form! Submit your intake form to be reviewed by our Burick Center Care Team who will determine if you are a good fit for our protocols.


Book an in-person or virtual consultation with our skilled nursing staff! Our Peptide Therapy consultation are a one-time non-refundable fee of $250.


Once your consultation is completed, we will schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgable nurses for you to receive your peptide treatments and be trained on how to use the peptide take home kit.


You will receive a follow-up within 60 days of your peptides therapy treatment to be reevaluated with our nurses.

Available Peptide Protocols

Promote Optimal Health and Wellness

We pride ourselves in customization of treatments, rather than a one size fits all approach to weight loss, anti-aging, or any other challenges, the Burick Center can use peptide therapy to dial in on the exact factors standing between you and your best self.

What Peptide Patients Say

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Have Additional Questions Before Getting Started?

Contact us at 717.730.9000 to learn more about whether our Peptides are the right choice for you. We will ask you some basic questions which will help us determine if our protocols are beneficial to your well-being.

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