Performance Medicine in Mechanicsburg, PA

Activate Your Best Self

This integrative enhancement circuit is composed of 6 protocols that are focused around improving strength, speed, and energy as well as promoting optimal recovery to help you perform your best during your chosen sport.

Ozone Therapy

Shown to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, re-energize tissue repair, boost immune functioning and promote healing.


Customized to take your fitness and health goals to the next level. Our Peptides help Build muscle, boost weight and fat loss and help with recovery.


Gently purifies and activates the lymphatic system and it is 10X more effective than a traditional lymphatic drainage massage.

Prolozone Injections

Proven highly effective in helping individuals with arthritis, specifically rheumatoid and osteoarthritis to find lasting relief from chronic pain.

Customized IV Infusions

Promotes optimal health and wellness by boosting immunity, increasing energy, improving athleticism.

Molecular and Nutritional Supplements

We carry over 400 athletic and recovery-based compounds at reduced rates.

Performance Medicine in Central PA 

What is Performance Medicine?
At the Burick Center, Performance Medicine is an integrative approach that keeps the whole person in mind! Our convenient and simple process is as easy as selecting your therapy, scheduling a time, and starting right away. Our six protocols are designed to compliment and enhance your goals whether you’re an:

  • Athlete
  • Trainer
  • Fitness Center
  • PT-OT Clinic
  • Yoga Studio

Our dedicated professional staff of nurses and doctors will be happy to describe the particulars of are therapies, address any questions or concerns you have and help you decide which performance medicine therapy is best for you.

Schedule a free phone consultation with one of our nurses today!

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Schedule a Free Phone Consultation Today!

Contact us at 717.730.9000 to learn more about whether Performance Medicine is the right choice for you. We will ask you some basic questions which will help us determine if our protocols are beneficial to your athletic improvement.

Feel Better with Ozone Therapy

Using the Power of Oxygen for Anti-Aging and Healing

Ozone therapy is a unique form of treatment that heals and detoxifies at the same time. It can help treat a variety of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, colitis, auto-immune diseases, Crohn’s disease, immune and breathing disorders.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

  • Immune health
  • Energy Production
  • Cell and Tissue Repair
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Oxygen Delivery
  • Improve Circulation and Vascular System

Build Better with Peptides

Our exclusive Peptide kits are customized to take your fitness and health goals to the next level. Our Peptides help build muscle, boost weight and fat loss and help with recovery. Peptides are a key to regulating bodily systems. Peptides are chains of amino acids and are similar to proteins in many ways. Due to their simple molecular structures and small sizes, peptides are easy for the body to break down into additional components or combined into larger proteins.

There are different types of peptides that can target different areas. Peptides can boost human growth hormone, help with weight loss, strengthen skin, improve gut health, increase energy, sleep and athletic performance.

Benefits of Peptides

  • Boosts energy
  • Provides more youthful skin
  • Post-workout support
  • Improves muscle and joint pain
  • Balances hormones
  • Enhances memory and brain function
  • Boosts sleep quality
  • Supports healthy libido
  • Healthier lifestyle

Perform Better with IV Infusions

Promote Optimal Health and Wellness

The Burick Center specializes in customized infusions. Our unique formulation and exclusive proprietary blend of vitamins, molecular compounds, nutraceuticals, enzymes and amino acids are designed to address the specific area you want to improve.

Myers’ Cocktail

Promotes optimal wellness. This infusion addresses fatigue, upper respiratory infections, acute asthma attacks, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergies, migraines and other conditions. The infusion is a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals that helps improve your quality of life and keeps your body in balance.

Energy Lift

Increases energy production and promotes mental focus and clarity. This infusion delivers fluids and vitamins to your blood stream and allows your body to quickly absorb essential nutrients for fast results and longer lasting energy.



Increases stamina and energy. Perform your best in any physical activity. Be mentally alert and focused to meet your fitness or athletic goals. Strengthen muscles before and after intense physical activity. Recover your energy levels naturally and bounce back from complete exhaustion. Combat fatigue and stay motivated to train for longer hours.

Pre-Workout Plus

Helps athletes perform their best. This is for the athlete who wants to prepare for peak performance at an upcoming event and speed up recovery. This nutrient infusion helps restore natural electrolyte balances and allows you to hit the ground running. The Pre-Workout IV includes vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are essential to recovery and muscle restoration. These higher nutrient levels allow for metabolic cascades to function optimally which can assist athletes in obtaining optimal performance. Pre-event hydration with this infusion can also avoid cramping and “hitting the wall” as well as faster recovery.

Recover Better with Pressotherapy

The Best in Drainage

Stimulating the body to ensure a proper functioning lymphatic system is useful to everyone, even athletes and those enjoying excellent health. Thanks to the improvement in circulation while stimulating the elimination of toxins and waste products it is particularly useful for those to enhance athletic recovery and performance. LYMPHACTIVE is an extremely useful tool for preventing and improving water retention, favoring an improved aesthetic appearance of the skin and can aid in preventing cellulite.

A balanced and properly functioning lymphatic system expels toxins, ensuring that the body is protected against infections through an efficient flow of liquid leaving the venous pathways (lymph) and returning cleanly back into the bloodstream.

LYMPHACTIVE to deliver results not obtainable by any other device. By transferring pressure from side to side, the lymphatic system is more effective in improving circulation, maximizing muscle toning, enhancing weight loss and slimming.

Benefits of Pressotherapy

  • Reduced swelling within a few hours of use
  • Soothes tired muscles
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Helps clients lose pounds and inches
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Enhances the natural processes of your internal organs
  • Reduces cellulite
  • LYMPHACTIVE reactivates your lymphatic system 10 times more effectively than a traditional drainage massage

Heal Better with Prolozone Injections

Rapid and Effective Healing; When Medical Experience Matters 

PROLOZONE therapy stimulates rapid healing of tendons, joints and ligaments. PROLOZONE treatments have been proven highly effective in helping individuals with arthritis, specifically rheumatoid and osteoarthritis to find lasting relief from chronic pain.

The Burick Center uses a proprietary formulation mixed with ozone and is only administered by a Burick Center physician certified and specialized in advanced injection techniques by the world renowned Dr. Frank Shallenberger. PROLOZONE injections are highly effective when administered by an experienced and certified ozone provider. At the Burick Center we pride ourselves on the importance of “essential hands on experience” and the most advanced training and education, to ensure you receive the highest level of efficacy and impactful improvement.

Function Better with Supplements

We carry over 400 athletic and recover based nutritional and molecular compounds at reduced rates. We have carefully selected pharmaceutical-grade wellness products to offer our patients who want to be proactive and invest in managing their health.

Improve Your Performance Today

We specialize in experiencing  primary, integrative and functional medicine at a whole new level.  We believe healthcare should be personal experience that’s all about you-not your insurance company. Our multidisciplinary team of health professionals offers you entirely personalized health and wellness care.

We listen, provide answers and solutions to help you find healing, strength while reaching your full potential.
Whether you choose our premier concierge primary and integrative medicine, our boundless recovery therapies, performance medicine, impactful therapies, functional consults or ketamine institute.  Our goal is and always will be helping you on your journey for optimal health and wellness.

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You deserve to look and feel your best. Browse our full range of innovative and physician guided therapies designed to optimize your health & wellness.

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