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The Burick Center’s Post Infection Treatment

We have all been impacted in some way by the debilitating and long-lasting symptoms following viral illnesses.  Experiencing the short term or long-term side effects of a post viral syndrome can be painful and frustrating.  Examples of these symptoms include severe fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath and poor exercise tolerance.  All these symptoms can potentially interfere with not only our daily existence, but also the quality of our life. The Burick Center offers healing and supportive therapies to help assist you in your recovery.

The BC has a post viral syndrome treatment regimen that incorporates the latest technology and integrative therapies to enhance your wellness.

This treatment lasts 2 hours and involves three uniquely different therapies that are complementary as well as efficacious.

Step 1. Ozone therapy (MAH aka Major Autohemotherapy) is an infusion of your blood with medical grade ozone, a highly antimicrobial and detoxifying treatment.  This is performed by a trained and certified registered nurse.

Step 2. Brain Photobiomodulation is a transcranial treatment using red light therapy at 810nm wavelength.  This 20-minute treatment helps with neurocognitive impairment and increases mental clarity by activating hormonal regulation and mitochondrial efficiency at a biological level.

Step 3. The BC exclusive immune boost infusion is tailored to your symptoms, providing the body with micronutrients needed for whole body recovery.

Our physicians and staff will also assist in providing additional immune and nutritional support recommendations that can be continued following the completion of this post-viral syndrome therapy.

This treatment is available for members at $375 and non-members at $395 and may be scheduled by calling our office 717-730-9000.

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“The Burick Center literally saved my life. I was struggling significantly trying to recover from Covid. Dr. Burick and Christy treated my symptoms aggressively with “state of the art” modalities, which allowed me to regain my health and stamina fairly quickly. My overall function improved dramatically and I was able to return to work.

Dr. Burick and her team have a unique open minded approach utilizing tools from naturopathic medicine as well as conventional medicine. Their goal is to treat the patient completely and successfully, and improve the patient’s overall wellness. The staff at The Burick Center is outstanding! You are always treated like family, and every member of the staff has a smile on their face. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Burick, Christy, and the entire staff at The Burick Center, I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Steve W.
Grateful Patient

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