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Premier Air Purification Technology Installed at the Burick Center

We are happy to announce that the latest technology in air purification, the Triad Aer Pro, has been installed at the Burick Center. In conjunction with the main system, there have also been satellite units that have been integrated throughout the clinic to fulfill your air quality needs and ensure your safety during every visit.

What is the Triad Aer Pro?

The Triad Aer Pro Air Purification System thoroughly improves indoor air quality up to 3,000 sq ft. With 5-way advanced filtration technology, the energy-efficient Triad Aer Pro is best for removing dust, mold, smoke, odors, allergens, viruses and more from the air.

  • Electrostatic Filtration
  • Needlepoint Ionization
  • Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation
  • Pulse Ionization
  • Scalable Air Purification
  • Purifies Air Up to 3,000 sq ft
  • Energy Efficient (45-watts)

Contact us today at 717.730.9000 if you are interested in scheduling a Total Health Assessment, Impactful Therapy treatment, or Integrative Consult. We look forward to your next visit at the Burick Center where we not only help improve your wellness, but protect it from the moment you walk through our door. 

Check Out this video testimonial for the Triad Aer Pro.

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