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PROLOZONE Therapy: Rapid and Effective Healing

PROLOZONE therapy stimulates rapid healing of tendons, joints and ligaments. PROLOZONE treatments have been proven highly effective in helping individuals with arthritis, specifically rheumatoid and osteoarthritis to find lasting relief from chronic pain.

Please contact the Burick Center at 717-730-9000 to arrange a consultation and begin feeling the immediate relief of chronic pain and discomfort. Individuals must be 18 or older to receive any impactful therapies.

Please note there is a $250.00 dollar up front consultation fee.*

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A Closer Look

Conditions PROLOZONE Benefits

PROLOZONE treatments can be beneficial, since it also results in regeneration of cartilage. PROLOZONE works on most orthopedic conditions including:

• degenerated or herniated discs
• plantar fasciitis
• tennis elbow
• golfer’s elbow
• rotator cuff tear
• arthritis
• knee and hip injuries
• low back pain
• sports injuries
• sacroiliac joint pain
• chronic ankle pain
• carpal tunnel and wrist pain
• shoulder pain and whip lash

Having PROLOZONE Experience Matters

The Burick Center uses a proprietary formulation mixed with ozone and is only administered by a Burick Center physician certified and specialized in advanced injection techniques by the world renowned Dr. Frank Shallenberger. PROLOZONE injections are highly effective when administered by an experienced and certified ozone provider. At the Burick Center we pride ourselves on the importance of “essential hands on experience” and the most advanced training and education, to ensure you receive the highest level of efficacy and impactful improvement.

The Burick Center Prolozone Difference
PROLOZONE injections are highly precise, non-surgical ligament and connective tissue reconstructive therapies.  PROLOZONE injections work by repairing and tightening  loose ligaments or partially torn connective tissue, by stopping the inflammatory cycle.  This provides for better circulation, increased blood flow and transport of key micro-nutrients and hydration to damaged and injured tissues.

Real Results

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