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A Better Way to Experience Health Care

The Burick Center for Health & Wellness offers a better way to experience health care. From the time you walk into our comfortable and calming reception area to the time when you leave with a plan of action to address your issues, you will have a completely different medical experience.

  • No waiting.
  • A soothing environment where you are warmly greeted and welcomed to your medical home.
  • Extended office visits that give you the time and opportunity to have all of your questions answered.
  • The peace of mind that your physician knows not only your medical history but also knows you as a whole person.
  • Access to your doctor that doesn’t stop at the end of your visit but is available 24/7.
  • Timely care when you are sick.
  • Preventive strategies to optimize your health and wellness.
  • A proactive, personalized treatment plan.
  • An advocate for you in your health care journey.

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