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Tips to care for summer skin

Tip #1: Find the right sunscreen for your skin type

There are lots of brands and types of sunscreen so take the time to pick one that is right for your skin type. Consider oil-free if you have oily skin. Use a higher SPF if you have fair skin or burn easily.

Tip #2: Pre-apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before you go out

Why 30 minutes? The sunscreen has a chance to build up in your skin and makes you less likely to burn. You should use a shot-glass-size amount on your body and a full teaspoon just on your face.

Tip #3: Reapply sunscreen Frequently

You should reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours or after you swim, exercise, or just sweat.

Tip #4: Don’t over wash

You’re going to feel sweatier during the hot weather. But remember, it’s not healthy to shower or wash your face more than twice a day and over washing makes your skin lose much-needed moisture. In actuality, you end up getting more oil production because your skin believes it should produce more to give it back its hydration.

If you really just need to take an extra shower, use only cold water without body wash or soap. The same goes for washing your face.

Tip #5: Use cold yogurt on your sunburn

A common misconception about soothing a sunburn is that you should keep re-applying lotion (especially aloe vera-based lotion) to keep the skin moist. But layering lotion on sunburned skin traps heat, keeping the skin red longer.

Skin must breathe to let out heat. Cold plain yogurt applied to the skin works as an anti-inflammatory and heat remover. Apply, let dry for 15 minutes, and rinse. Repeat every hour.

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