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Executive Physicals

Take the Guess Work Out of Your Wellness

Your health may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but stress, physical problems and emotional issues impact your health and productivity. In just one day, you can unlock the key to optimizing your health with our comprehensive assessment.

Our Total Health Assessment is designed to serve people who are seeking exceptional personalized attention and care that fits conveniently into their demanding schedules. Our individually customizable assessment is coordinated by a board-certified internal medicine physician and is completed over the course of one day. It is designed to thoroughly evaluate a client’s current state of health, identify concerns and provide solutions for a healthier you. We invite you to experience a comprehensive medical assessment which can be your first step to making your health and wellness a life-long priority.

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The Top Five Take Aways

Patient Testimonial from John Kristel

I greatly value time. As a busy professional, I try to streamline all my responsibilities so that I can maximize my personal time for family and friends.

  • The structure of the “total health assessment” was so efficient and well coordinated. There was no fragmentation or uncertainty. I felt total confidence throughout the whole day.
  • Dr. Burick made me feel comfortable instantly and I was so impressed by the scope of all the medical analysis we covered in just one day. I was so appreciative of the step-by-step explanation and the two way dialogue.
  • I was so appreciative of the diverse depth and scope of the lab results captured.
  • Since both of my prior primary care physicians had retired, I decided to take a deeper dive into a total health and wellness assessment to receive a fresh perspective and analysis from a doctor that specializes in advanced testing and diagnostics.
  • The day provided a precise road map of where I needed to focus my attention and take action.

Meet Dr. Theresa Burick

Dr. Burick will personally oversee your Total Health Assessment and analyze your results to help guide you in your wellness journey! 

Theresa Burick, DO, FACP has spent her medical career providing an exceptional level of attention and service to patients. She opened the Burick Center for Health & Wellness in 2008 to provide personalized care and serve as her patients’ advocate. Over the years, she has grown the practice to include a comprehensive offering of health and wellness services. With Dr. Burick, you will never be alone on your health care journey.

Her approach to medicine is rooted in her core values: 

  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Quality of Life

Experience the Gold Standard of Preventative Medicine

Our exclusive head to toe health evaluation (completed, in just one day) that same day, you will have a step by step review and full analysis of your complete health assessment with Dr. Theresa Burick. The following is an abbreviated sample of labs collected during your comprehensive experience at the Burick Center.

    • Metabolic Code labs are conducted several weeks prior to exam in order for labs to be ready for visit
    • A physical exam with a comprehensive review of past medical history and current medical concerns or issues.
    • Lab assessment:
      • Complete blood count (CBC)
      • Comprehensive Medical Profile
      • Lipid panel
      • Thyroid function tests
      • C-reactive protein
      • Vitamin D
      • HbA1C
      • PSA (for men)
    • EKG
    • Lung function analysis (spirometer)
    • Non invasive radiologic imaging studies:
      • Vascular studies of the carotid, aorta, and peripheral vascular systems
      • Complete abdominal ultrasound
      • Calcium scoring chest CT for cardiovascular assessment
    • Exercise treadmill stress testing
    • Body composition analysis
    • Screening hearing assessment
    • One-on-one nutritional review and counseling session
    • Private session with a psychologist for executive coaching

How Long is a Total Health Assessment?

These are all day affairs. A Total Health Assessment at the Burick Center starts around 7:30am. The fasting labs and testing are completed first and then our patients will go through the physical and consults. The Metabolic Code labs are done a few weeks before their appointment so that the labs are back in time for the visit. Below is a sample day:

7:15am – Arrive at the Burick Center 
7:30am – CT Calcium Score & Lung Cancer Screening
9:00am – US of Abdomen
9:30am – Arterial Dopplers
10:00am – Carotid Dopplers
10:30am – Arrive back at Burick Center – Light Breakfast
11:00am – Nurse Studies/Physical with Dr. Burick
12:30pm – Stress Test
1:00pm – Consult with Dr. Lee Morand (Psychologist) – Light Lunch
2:00pm – Consult with Nutritionist
3:00pm – Recommendations Mtg with Dr. Burick
4:00pm – Assessment Completed – Receive Complementary Gift

Our Comprehensive Exam Report

More Insights, Better Outcomes

Every patient receives a personalized report that represents the results of their lifestyle questionnaire, labs and biometrics. This report summarizes Triad Metaflammation Scores, the Total Resiliency Index (TRI) and highlights areas of reduced metabolic functioning. The report offers insight and recommendations needed to help guide the patient into taking action towards better health today.

What’s included in the report:
The report includes:

  • Vitality Report
  • Triad Scoring
  • Organ System Explanation
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • How symptoms and disease can progress if they don’t begin to take action today

One Person. Many Dimensions.

True wellness is an integration of a person’s physical, mental and spiritual health. We recognize that lifestyle choices can be great predictors of our future health. For this reason, we have incorporated a full nutritional assessment that will identify dietary challenges and create solutions to optimize health. A healthy mind and spirit is also a focus for the day as our clients meet with a psychologist who will provide an opportunity to maximize personal and professional potential through a thought-provoking and creative session.

One Complete Analysis

The primary focus of our program is wellness, disease prevention and early detection.We create a Personal Health Assessment (PHA) for each client that will include the results of the diagnostic tests and studies performed during your day. At the conclusion of your day, your internist will review the results and provide you with a written report outlining a strategic plan for risk assessment and health improvement.

Total Health Assessment in Just One Day with Dr. Burick – $3,700.00

Included Testing

We also test for the following during your Total Health Assessment:

  • Blood count
  • Blood sugar
  • Lipids
  • Lipid fractionated particle
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factor
  • Sex hormone test
  • Free and Total B Oval Blood Estrogen
  • Adrenal health
  • Cortisol
  • Prolactin
  • Thyroid
  • Urinalysis
  • IL-6 (Interleukin 6)**
  • TNF Alpha (Tumor Necrosis Factor)**

** If applicable or desired by patient, ancillary charges will be incurred.

Additional Coordination of Care

If additional evaluations by other physicians or institutions are required based on your exam, your physician can facilitate referrals to the finest medical and surgical subspecialtists.

If you are interested in additional testing and diagnostics that are outside of what is included in your Total Health Assessment, please click on the button below to view our full menu of testing opportunities and pricing that are available to you and your family.

How to Get Started?

Once you call our center, a full day will be exclusively reserved for you. A member of our concierge team will work closely with you to schedule your appointment. Additionally, we will be providing you all the details of your day as well as providing further insight to ensure the most comprehensive and personalized ways to optimize your health.

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