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An Introductory Guide to What Pressotherapy Treatment Is

Having chronic pain stiffness can often entail feeling fatigue and muscle cramps on a regular basis, and it can be difficult to deal with day to day. Aside from being unable to move and function, your body can’t maintain proper health and wellness either due to accumulating toxins.

It can be tough to find a solution that will stick and allow you to break away from that cycle of pain. However, Pressotherapy presents itself as an ideal treatment that can truly help with the effects of chronic stiffness. Keep reading to learn more about what Pressotherapy is.

What Is Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy refers to a massage treatment that activates and stimulates the lymphatic system in our body. The lymphatic system is a network full of vessels and nodes that carry different elements throughout the body, such as oxygen and white blood cells.

In terms of purpose, the lymphatic system is responsible for circulating nutrients around the body and flushing out toxins, which is imperative for proper blood flow and detoxification. Thus, Pressotherapy can be good for sorting out chronic pain.

What Is Pressotherapy Like?

Pressotherapy is just like any other massage that is non-invasive, but what sets it apart is how the pressure is applied. Instead of hands-on treatments, Pressotherapy makes use of air compression to carry out the lymphatic drainage massage.

Essentially, a person will have to wear a bodysuit that inflates and deflates to put calculated pressure on different body parts. Pressotherapy usually goes from 30 minutes to an hour, focusing mostly on the lower portion of the body. It also covers lower, middle and upper body with revolutionary and state of the art technology imported from Italy. The Pressotherapy is proven 10x more effective at Lymphactive drainage than manually!

What Are Some Pressotherapy Precautions?

The main thing to remember before Pressotherapy is to have an empty bladder before the session. That bit of precaution prevents muscle or abdomen cramps and contractions from occurring during the massage treatment, so try your best to avoid heavy meals.

It’s the same case for the period after Pressotherapy, as patients are encouraged to hydrate and eat healthy meals. Processed carbohydrates should be off the table as well to keep your meals light for the first few days after a massage session.

Who Should Try Out Pressotherapy?

Pressotherapy is recommended to anyone above 18 years of age and patients experiencing chronic stiffness. Pregnant women are discouraged from trying out Pressotherapy until after they’ve given birth.

Heart patients, people with osteoporosis, and those who are suffering a joint dislocation are also advised against Pressotherapy. There can be risks of friction when it comes to using air compression after all, so it’s best to look for alternative treatments instead.

How Does Pressotherapy Benefit You?

Pressotherapy’s number one benefit is providing pain relief as it instantly relaxes muscles during and after the whole compression treatment. It reduces any swelling or stiffness in the body, as well as the general aches that a person may normally experience.

Alongside that, some people report getting more toned skin and losing weight. This body shaping is because Pressotherapy does encourage lymphatic drainage. Pairing Pressotherapy sessions with a good diet and physical activity can lead to great results.

Interested in Trying Pressotherapy?

Learning more about Pressotherapy treatment can be quite exciting, but nothing tops the experience of it. If you’re interested in body pain relief and improving how toned or slim your body is, it may be time to book an appointment.

Interested in trying pressotherapy? The Burick Center for Health and Wellness provides Pressotherapy treatment and other dramatic biological interventions in Mechanicsburg, PA to improve your life and well-being. Contact us now!

Customer Testimonials:

Christine Ann P:

“After my first treatment my sinus congestion and headache were gone!  It was extremely relaxing and therapeutic.  Best and most effective treatment I’ve had in years.”

Jay M:

“I travel 75% for my work, I tried the treatment for my lower back pain from driving.  That was three weeks ago and the lower back pain was gone the day of the treatment and hasn’t returned.”

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